My name is Adolph Joseph, I go by Coach AJ. I am a former high level athlete, & continue to live an athletic lifestyle. I am a Coach & a Mentor to my athletes. My goal is to help as many young student athletes improve their athletic abilities while mentoring them on LIFE through Sports Performance Training.

As a lifelong athlete with academic education in Industrial Organizational & Human Behavior Psychology, I’ve always been interested in how self-confidence can influence performance on the field, in the workplace, in school and life. After earning my B.S. in Psychology, I continued to play football while studying & learning about the human physiology. I would also obtain National Certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Sports Performance, Sport Nutrition & Sports Psychology. My combined passion for sports, fitness and the human psychology led me to this unique position as a Sports Performance Coach , which would open doors for me to coach Football on the High School, as well as the Junior College level.


Athletes of all ages face greater challenges today. Not only do they have to perform well in their respective sports, but they also have to stand out from the crowd in order to try to catch the attention of recruiters– something that isn’t possible by simply scoring a few goals per season. My GRGL Athletes are encouraged to take an aggressive & assertive approach to getting ahead of the competition by fine-tuning their skills on/off the field (or court) while simultaneously building their self-confidence. Part of this approach is aimed at getting young athletes to shift their focus from thinking locally to thinking nationally. Getting recruited requires hard work, discipline, and focus on more than just their athletic abilities – interpersonal skills and academic performance play a MAJOR role as well.

My mission is not just to help get athletes recruited, but to also prepare for some of LIFE’s obstacles. Many of the parents simply want to encourage their child to become better student athletes in their sport, improve their skills, or prepare themselves for life outside of school, where “putting the work in” is an essential ingredient for success. Understanding that in life we must work hard!

Whether you’re a parent looking for advice on how to support your child’s dream of playing college sports or professionally or an athlete wanting to improve your game & your overall athletic performance, I am here to help.

If you’re prepared to put the work in, you’ve come to the right place, where we train INTELLIGENTLY, train INTENTIONALLY, & move with PURPOSE. 

Remember that it starts with our MINDSET, either #getrightorgetleft-Coach AJ