PioneerFit Athletica is way more than just a personal training company. PioneerFit Athletica has exercise programs that cater to all fitness levels.

Whether or not you are an extreme athlete that likes to compete, you can join our PioneerFit Athletica team, or if you just want to keep your bone density up, stay healthy, regain or gain strength, or are just looking to get into a healthier lifestyle, we can put you on a weighted compound movement program that will aid you in yielding the results you desire.

Here at PioneerFit Athletica, we combine explosive techniques, functional training, kickboxing, massage and sport specific training to keep our clients in the best shape possible. PioneerFit Athletica has trainers in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island. So where ever you are located we can have a quality certified trainer come to you.

Ask yourself… Are you PioneerFit?

We Get You Results!

Whether you're an athlete, former athlete, or just an individual wanting to improve your health & fitness.