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Building our body inside out

Often when I speak to potential clients, strangers in passing, and I am told by them how they either aren’t eating any carbohydrates at all, or simply not consuming enough calories in their daily needs. I shake my head in laughter and begin to explain that they need carbs and most of need to eat much more than they are telling me. Our bodies require enough fuel throughout the day to function effectively. We must eat to burn. By eating a certain amount food during the day and by food, we mean the right amount of foods that provide the right nutrients, minerals to aid our body to function properly on all levels, mental and physical. By depriving ourselves of certain foods & calories is a bad move, it tends to have an adverse effect on us. Now, one may reduce or adjust which carbs they do consume at times, pending on their specific health or fitness goals, that is totally different. They are individuals that notice a reduction in their weight within a short time frame, but in the long run that weight returns aggressively and more difficult to shed. You should be hydrating, sleeping enough, which also play key roles in being healthy overall. EAT TO BURN!  #GetRightOrGetLeft

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