GRGL Virtual
Run & Speed

Evaluation Agenda

Welcome to our GRGL Community!

We are excited to be working with you on taking the first step towards improving and elevating your GAME to that NEXT LEVEL. Below you will find the testing agenda.

Before performing these movements, PLEASE BE SURE TO perform a good Dynamic Warm Up to avoid any injuries & to yield the best possible results.

After completing your warmup and having your tripod, camera, and distances set up, you will perform the following runs. RECORD each run/sprint INDIVIDUALLY, label each one for easy uploading. DO NOT MAKE IT ONE LONG RECORDING.

  1. Perform 1 x 10yd Sprint (start 2 feet behind the start).
  2. Perform 1 x 10-0-5 Change of Direction Sprint (Right)
  3. Perform 1 x 10-0-5 Change of Direction Sprint (Left).
  4. Perform 1 x 5yd build up to a 10yd Fly In
  5. Perform 1 x 5yd build to a 20yd Fly In.
  6. Perform 1 Deceleration Sprint (See guide for set up).

10-0-5 COD Sprint

10-0-5 COD L

10-0-5 COD R

Сlick here to access camera setup