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Grocery Shopping

Eating healthy is too expensive, it’s too tedious, it’s time consuming, I don’t know what to buy. These are the most common statements I hear when it comes to buying groceries. Yes, it can be costly, however there are ways around overspending. I have been there, it sucks! I suggest coupon cutting, using the app “checkout 51” it has weekly coupons to several grocery stores nationwide. It has helped me tremendously. I began using it because I hate cutting coupons and let’s be honest, how many of us keep junk mail delivered to us, exactly, very few. In a world of technology, where everything is at our fingertips, we want convenience. If you aren’t tech savvy, try going food shopping different days of the week each time you go, you will quickly notice when your grocery store frequently has sales on items that you need or want. This method has worked very well for me, you’ll save money this way too. Be sure to apply for the local grocery store key scanner to save too, I suggest getting as many as you can. Some stores have foods that others don’t. If you prefer all organic foods, you will spend a bit more, however you can still find sales on foods. The most expensive item you will always pay more for is meat, whether it’s ground turkey, chicken, beef. Now, pending on how much of that meat product you eat or are going to eat, buy just enough for that time frame, don’t buy more than you need. Okay, you are shopping for a family of 4, not a problem. You can buy one or two unhealthy snack or food item per person; however, majority of your food items should be healthy. Don’t buy food every week, shop once per month, get a Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s wholesale club member card, here you can buy in bulk which saves you money long-term. #GetRightOrGetLeft 

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