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Meal Prepping

Should I meal prep for the entire week, every other day, how long does it take? Meal prepping can take a lot of time, if you notice, majority of people will use Sunday’s to meal prep. It is usually a mellow day, spending it with family or alone just mentally preparing for the week. First, think about what you’re in the mood for going into the week. Second, be sure you have the necessary ingredients, which you likely have. Third, cook enough meals for at least 3 days. This will take you into midweek. By now you’re heading into Thursday, prepare a few more meals Wednesday night to have for Thursday and Friday. By Saturday you may or may not have an extra meal leftover, be sure to eat it at some point, but now you only need to cook for that day. Meal prepping saves so much time, especially for many of us that have busy days and are too tired to cook every night. I remember my mother meal prepping for the week, some of the meals she would freeze and by midweek, we would get it ready, that’s another old school technique that I know some individuals still use till this day. Of course, it wasn’t called meal prepping back then, our folks just cooked tons of food, lol. #GetRightOrGetLeft 

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