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“Strong Mind, Stronger Body. Getting your mind & body right, one repetition at a time.”




At PioneerFit Athletica, LLC we believe in not just physically getting you in shape, but also mentally. We understand that it never is easy to get started, but we provide a great support system to help you in your fitness journey. With over 20+ years combined in the industry we’ve trained a wide variety of clientele understanding that each individual is different, all having their respective limitations as well as fitness experiences. Whether you’re seeking to learn how to eat better, take classes, get in shape through 1-on-1 or group training, prepare for a competition, self-defense kickboxing, yoga, specialty stretching, speed & agility or simply need a massage, we provide all of the above. 

“Strong Mind, Stronger Body. Getting your mind & body right, one repetition at a time.” PFA

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Health encompassses our mental, emotional, social, spiritual, & physical beings. Be patient and #trusttheprocess.

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Adolph Joseph Jr.,CSAC,CSPC, CPT

Sports Performance Specialist Sports Nutritionist Strength & Conditioning Specialist, sports psyche coach, Junior College Football Coach Military Veteran

Hashim Evans, LMT, CSCS

WNBF Pro Bodybuilder Strength & Conditioning Specialist Sports Nutritionist Certified Chef Injury Specialist

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