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If this is huge struggle for you as it is for several individuals trying or wanting to get onto a healthier path, they are many cities with meal prep companies. This not only saves time but takes away the thinking process of it. You simply view the weekly menu, place an order for as many days and meals that you would like or can afford at that time and you are all set. Now, before you place an order form a meal prepping company, really ask tons of questions, be sure that they understand your unique goals, any allergies you may have to certain foods, if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan also inform them of them too. If they only do the meal prepping and don’t understand macronutrients, then consult with a nutritionist/dietician to get that done and take that information with you when going to place your order or calling it in or emailing them. This can become pricy too, so keep this in mind. #GetRightOrGetLeft

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