Here you’ll find different training components PFA offers. Whether you’re an ex athlete, beginner in weight lifting, wanting to be a body builder, want to eat better, prefer boot camps, getting your kids health on track, having an issue with your posture, need rehabilitation, or just want to release some aggression, PFA can and will help you attain these fitness goals. Don’t wait a second longer!

Competition Training

Take your body to the next level, trigger muscles in your body in a different way like never before, huge muscle gains, striations, strength. During your journey you’ll have the expertise of Hashim Evans & Adolph Joseph. "Getting your mind & body right, one repetition at a time"

Stength & Conditioning

No gym, no weights, not a problem. With PFA, we can train you with apparatuses you never thought possible. Lose weight, gain muscle, strength and coordination.Whether in person, or with our Online Training Programs.
"Strong Mind, Stronger Body"

Sports Performance

Our year-round Sports Performance Program helps athletes of all ages improve overall athletic performance, from bio-mechanics, coordination, balance, muscular endurance, mobility, flexibility, dynamic coordination/dynamic movement, S.A.Q. (Speed Agility Quickness). We train athletes of all sports, starting as young as 7 years of age to pro. Either... #GetRightorGetLeft

Posture Correction

Having back pains constantly at work? Can’t stand too long? Either Coach A.J., or Hashim Evans can help you regain and/or gain better posture with their great postural correction exercises.


Get your very own customized nutritional guide towards a healthier body and lifestyle. How you look and feel inside/out heavily relies on how you eat. This includes our exclusive chef service.

Kids Fitness

With the fight against obesity,PFA helps kids tackle their weight with fun exercises to make them enjoy it and get healthier at the same time. Let’s get your kids off of the couch and being more active.


Feeling stressed, had a rough week at work, muscles sore from training with PFA? Well, allow Michelle Evans to help ease your body back into form. Her massages will ease your body and mind back on track.


You want a different pump? You want to let off some steam? Well, we’ve got an intense Cardio Kick Boxing sessions going on. With Hashim Evan, you’re sure to get that body sculpted as you desire.

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