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The Habit

How do I start? Where do I start? How do I find time? Why is it so expensive? We start by believing we can attain the goal but understand that we will have to put in the necessary work to reach that point. It requires having patience too, it is not an overnight turn of events. Remember that it takes 21 consecutive days to build a habit. It’s like brushing our teeth. We don’t necessarily find the time, instead we MAKE the time because it is a high priority to us. When something is of high importance to you, we simply make time. Sit down, look over your daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly schedule to see how you will implement the amount of time you need to put in. Yes, it can be costly, but doesn’t have to be. Pay attention when the sales are going on at your local grocery stores, look for a nearby fresh farm market for vegetables, fruits, as it costs less there for such products.

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